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Planning Your Budget: Costs That Could Surprise You

As a florist and wedding planner in Taylors, SC and the Greenville area, we at Culpepper Designs know firsthand the importance of staying within your budget. When planning an event like a wedding, it is so necessary to set up your budget to include every detail and potential cost so you don’t get stuck with surprise charges at the end. Folks always appreciate having someone on their side when it comes to the planning process to help them avoid unexpected costs, and that’s just what we’re committed to doing.

In order to help you as much as we can, we’ve compiled a list of costs many people tend to forget or not add into their budget. Take a look at the items below and compare them to your budget to see if you’ve forgotten anything!

  • Postage - This is one of the most forgotten costs associated with wedding planning, in our opinion, but postage can end up being quite expensive, depending on the amount of guests you are inviting and the weight of your invitations. Keep in mind when choosing invitations that heavier cardstock could result in needing to use more stamps.

  • Payment for the pastor, officiant or musician - If you have officiants or musicians participating in your wedding ceremony, while it’s not required, it is good practice to pay them for their time and efforts. The amount of payment is up to you, but you might take into account the time it took them to travel to and from your destination and the time they spent preparing for and doing the ceremony.

  • Dress alterations - No matter what your body type, there are typically a few nips and tucks that need to be done to your dress to make sure it fits you like a glove. Many times, wedding dress alterations can run a little bit more expensive than a typical dress because of the intricacy of the gown.

  • Marriage license - Although this is usually a small fee, it’s a great idea to throw it in your budget, as well, just to be thorough.

  • Delivery, set-up and take-down fees - Many folks don’t realize there are fees for delivery, set ups and take downs, but this type of work is often physically exertive and takes a hefty amount of time and energy for the people involved, which can result in added charges.

  • Snacks and drinks for the wedding party - None of us want to leave our wedding party hungry or thirsty when they are walking down the aisle in support of you, so having a few snacks and drinks on hand for the hours before the ceremony is a great idea.

  • Thank you notes (and more postage) - Traditionalists will agree that the unpardonable sin committed by a bride and groom is to forget to send thank you notes for gifts given. We love the idea of having thank you notes that match your wedding theme.

  • Something borrowed, something blue, something old, something new - If you choose to participate in this fun tradition, you will likely not need to purchase all four items (obviously if you borrow something, the lender won’t charge you for it), but it might be worth setting aside a few dollars to find the perfect blue or new item.

  • Send-off sparklers (or whatever you choose) - Whether you’re using streamers, sparklers, sequins or dried lavender and flowers (we love this idea, by the way!) as your send off, be sure to tuck some budget money away to ensure that you get the perfect send off photo to remember forever.

  • Bridal portrait - If you’re choosing to have a bridal portrait at your reception, this will be a an added cost that you will either pay yourself or pay your photographer to order for you.

  • Your favorite mascot - Okay, so this is most definitely not a wedding necessity, but we’re particularly fond of the Clemson Tiger when he’s able to make a special appearance at our weddings. Who doesn’t love a mascot getting the crowd hyped up?

Photo credits (from left to right,): Cureton Photography, Lauren Miller Photography, Landon Jacob Production, Bulletproof Photography, Courtney Price Photography, Anna Duncan Photography

So what other costs associated with wedding planning did you not expect? Did you come up with creative ways to save money on any of these? If so, we’d love to hear all about it!

As always, Culpepper Designs would also love to help you plan your wedding in Greenville or the surrounding area! Whether you’re looking for someone to keep in touch with your vendors, help you pick out the perfect dress, or to design the most trendsetting and elegant flower arrangements for your big day (or any event related to your wedding), we’re here for you! Give us a call at 864-520-2597 or email us at

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