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Who Runs the World? GIRLS.

So you’re getting married and you want your bridesmaids to look trendy without seeming like you’re trying too hard to look hip – classic struggle of the millennial bride. We all know the pictures; the ones of perfect bridal parties that seem to have been taken through a rose colored lens. Everything is aesthetically pleasing, everyone looks like models and the photos make you want to be in this wedding even though you have no idea who the people are, you just somehow found these photos on your instagram explore page and have a serious case of FOMO. Yeah, we’ve all been there. But because our lives aren’t a series of perfectly edited instagram shots and our budgets aren’t as large enough as the famous bloggers and actresses and musicians whose weddings you’ve been inspired by – it’s hard to view your own wedding through the same rose colored specs.

There are so many bridesmaid dress trends and if you spend even just thirty minutes online, you’ll be overwhelmed by the amount of choices, unsure of how they’ll photograph and not even sure if you actually like them, or if you just want to be trendy. This blog post is here to help break apart the seeming endless piles of bridesmaid dresses into the best and boldest looks for your girls on your wedding day.

Don’t let your high hopes sink thinking that these are photos from staged shoots, uploaded from a pinterest board – because THEY AREN’T! Nope, these stunning shots are all from real, local, fabulous weddings taken by local, fabulous photographers. Your dream wedding no longer has to be a dream. These pictures prove it can totally be a reality.

Now grab your girls and cup (or two) of coffee and let’s dig right into the BEST looks for your #girlsquad to rock on your big day!

Sparkly dresses scream PARTY! And these bridesmaids were a part of a bridal party that was THE party of the year! If you're looking to be the life of the party, don't hesitate to put your girls in full on sequins or a pattern of sparkles! This look has become something that dreams are made of and make every bride and her girls look radiant! Looking to mix your fun and sassy personality with a grown up chic feel for your wedding? We 100% suggest sparkly dresses! Seriously, these girls look stunning!

Photo by: Anna Duncan Photography

Neutral bridesmaid dresses have been thriving on the scene for some time now, but we are still not over them! Different colored neutral and blush tone dresses give your wedding that boho, whimsical aesthetic that comes across so magical in photos. Going with this look also gives your girls the option of picking what color and style they like and feel great in! Because while the big day is, of course, all about you and your groom, it's still pretty important that your girls feel confident and beautiful too; after-all, photos last forever!

Photo by: Kiley Lauren Photography

Looking back at my grandmother's wedding photos I noticed that her bridesmaids wore almost this exact same shade of blue. While styles have changed dramatically, it's so nostalgic to see a color make it's reappearance on the wedding scene. These dresses of all one color, yet varying in styles are a creative spin on the classic bridesmaid dress. This cool, steel blue is to die for, and looks even better up next to the navy tuxedos. We're still swooning over this look!

Photo by: Fourth Dimension Photography

Just when you thought printed dresses were out of style, FLORAL dresses stepped on the scene. In all aspects, floral patterns have been taking over the fashion scene, so what better way to incorporate trendiness, femininity and fun into your wedding day, than with floral bridesmaids dresses. Dresses like these can be worn time and again, which makes the incentive to buy floral even better. These floral dresses give off such an exciting and laid-back vibe, and just make you want to be a part of this wedding party and totally look like dresses you could dance all night long in!

Photo by: Kiley Lauren Photography

While mismatched dresses have been a trend for a while, this bride took it to a whole new level, and we LOVE it! The greens, mints and silvers matched her venue to a tee, giving her wedding an industrial vibe while still holding on to so much femininity! Don't be afraid to go bold and unique with bridesmaid dresses - these dresses are so gorgeous your girls will totally want to wear them again. Seriously, we're still so obsessed with this look!

Photo by: Anna Duncan Photography

We LOVE all of these looks and we know that with whatever you choose for your big day that you and your girls are going to, in the words of Beyonce, "slay, all day!"

We're so honored to work with such wonderful brides and photographers that make this business so much fun!

We love these photographers and would love for you to check our their work!

Anna Duncan Photography: @annaduncan +

Kiley Lauren Photography: @kileyylauren +

Fourth Dimension Photography: @4dphotography_ +

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