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Compote Vases:

Desiray Gold Compote

Desiray Gold Size:8"x7" Price: $15

Desiray Silver Compote

Desiray Silver Size:8"x7" Price: $15

Gold Square Bottomed Compote

Gold Square Bottomed Size: 7.25"x5.5" Price: $15

Gold Textured Compote

Gold Textured Size: 3.5"x3.25" Price: $8

Gold Pina Compote

Gold Pina Size: 3.25"x2.25" Price: $8

Gold Long Neck Compote

Gold Long Neck Size: 4"x2.5" Price: $8

Small Gold Flower Top Compote

Small Gold Flower Top Size: 3.75"x3.5" Price: $8

Gold Edged Compote

Gold Edged Size: 3"x3" Price: $8

Gold Pear Compote

Gold Pear Size: 6.5"x3.25" Price: $10

Gold Flower Top Compote

Gold Flower Top Size: 6"x3.75" Price: $10

Gold Queen Compote

Gold Queen Size: 5.5"x3" Price: $10

Gold Foxy Compote

Gold Foxy Size: 4.75"x3.5" Price: $10

Gold Mushy Bottom Compote

Gold Mushy Bottom Size: 4.5"x3.5" Price: $10

Gold Skinny Stem Compote

Gold Skinny Stem Size: 6.5"x3.25" Price: $10

Gold Wide-Lined Compote

Gold Wide-Lined Size: 3.25"x5" Price: $10

Gold Mermaid Compote

Gold Mermaid Size: 3"x6.25" Price: $10

Gold Short Lined Compote

Gold Short-Lined Size: 4.5"x6" Price: $10

Small Milk Compote

Small Milk Size: 2.5"x3.75" Price: $8

Medium Milk Compotes

Medium Milk Size: 4.75"x5.75" Price: $10

Large Milk Compote

Large Milk Size: 5"x9" Price: $15

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