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Let's be honest, if you have been a bridesmaid before you know the horrors of organizing with the rest of the party to get the perfect dress...oh and make sure the bride approves of them all too. Sounds kind of stressful, right? Did I mention that you'll probably have to drop about $100-$200 (typical for long vs short) on said dress? And then, after it is all said and done, that dress hangs in your closet and never gets worn again, unless of course you score being in another party where you can choose the same color/style dress. With all of that being said, your friend is married, but you are $100+ in the hole with a dress you will probably never wear again. So, as your friend, let me help you out and give you the best kept secret to saving money on your bridesmaid's dresses....

RENT THEM. I know, the horror. But regardless if you are doing a mismatched arrangement, or everyone the same, sites like Vow to be Chic ( ) and Rent The Runway ( will be sure to make the choosing process as easy as possible. Instead of dropping $150 on a decent long dress that you will never wear again, why would it not make more sense to drop $80 and wear a fabulous gown? (Especially if you are into the full glitter gowns, or even just something unique and different)

Let me just show you some options....and it even shows you customer photos so you don't get a Chinese "look alike"....

So, for $189 at Macy's you can get this long gown....

And for $80 on Rent The Runway you can get this (shall I say "drop dead gorg") dress that was originally $460 retail!

Now, for my glitter gals, you can get a full glitter dress from Nordstrom for over $300...

Or, you get rent this dress from Vow To Be Chic for only $99 (hey, glitter ain't cheap)...

And, if you're not sure about your size, both sites let you do a "try-on" for a super cheap price. A cool feature about Vow To Be Chic is that they have the same dress, just in different styles. So if you want your bridesmaids to have the same dress but in different styles, they are all grouped together and you just let them pick what style fits them best. Violà!

The options are limitless, and unless you really do choose a versatile style for your bridesmaid's to pick from, the chances that they will wear it again are very slim. You won't regret trying the rental-route...I would just suggest avoiding Amazon at all cost (lol).

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