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Candelabras and Candle Holders:

Gold 5-Eyed Candelabra

Gold 5-Eyed Size: 18" Price: $10

Gold Jewels Candelabra

Gold Jewels Size: 14.5" Price: $10

Gold Shiny Metal Candelabra

Gold Shiny Metal Size: 11" Price: $10

Bronze Waves Candelabra

Bronze Waves Candelabra Size: 12.5" Price: $10

Gold Classy Candelabra

Gold Classy Candelabra Size: 13.5" Price: $10

Bronze Jeweled Candelabra

Bronze Jeweled Candelabra Size: 24.5" Price: $10

Silver/Gun Metal Classy Candelabra

Silver/Gun Metal Classy Candelabra Size: 14" Price: $10

Matte Gold Curled Candelabra

Matte Gold Curled Candelabra Size: 13.5" Price: $10

Gold 6-Eyed Candelabra

Gold 6-Eyed Candelabra Size: 17" Price: $10

Small Gold Hooked Candelabra

Small Gold Hooked Size: 11" Price: $10

Black Tall Candelabra

Black Tall Size: 58"x30" Price: $20

Gold Tall Candelabra

Gold Tall Size: 60"x21" Price: $20

Candle Cathedral

Candle Cathedral Size: 29.5"x7.5" Price: $10

Tall Iron Candlestand

Tall Iron Size: 28" Price: $5

Mercury Terra Set

Mercury Terra Set Price: $20

How we use them:

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