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Copper Metallic Vase

Copper Metallic Size: 9"x5" Price: $8

Brown Mud Vase

Brown Mud Size: 9.5" Price: $5

Wine Bottle Vase

Wine Bottle Size: 12" Price: $5

Copper Succulent Vase

Copper Succulent Size: 4"x3" Price: $5

Copper Mixed Vases

Copper Mixed Size: 9.5" Price: $5

Fat Ribbed Vase

Fat Ribbed Size: 4"x3.5" Price: $5

Small Matte Gold Vase

Small Matte Gold Size: 3"x2.5" Price: $5

Small Speckled Glass Vase

Small Speckled Glass Size: 3.75"x3" Price: $5

Small Wavy Gold Vase

Small Wavy Gold Size: 4"x3.5" Price: $5

Mixed Small Gold Vases

Mixed Small Gold Size: 3.75"x3" Price: $5

Large Cream Mirror Vase

Large Cream Mirror Size: 14"x6.5" Price: $15

Large Mirror Vase

Large Mirror Size: 12.5"x6.5" Price: $15

Gold Speckled Mirror

Gold Speckled Mirror Size: 12"x6.5" Price: $15

Shattered Glass Gold Vase

Shattered Glass Size: 9"x5" Price: $8

Rigged Gold Round Vase

Rigged Gold Round Size: 6.5"x6" Price: $8

Studded Gold Round Vase

Studded Gold Round Size: 4"x5.5" Price: $8

Mixed Wide Gold Vases

Mixed Wide Gold Size: 9" Price: $8 ea.

Gold Ribbed Skinny Vase

Gold Ribbed Skinny Size: 8.5" Price: $5

Mixed Gold Vases

Mixed Gold Vases Size: 3.5"-7.5" Price: $5 ea.

Mixed Pitcher Vases

Mixed Pitcher Vases size: 9.5"x3.5" Price: $5 ea.

Half Gold Cement Block Vase

Half Gold Block Vase Size: 3"x 3" Price: $5

Grey Cement Vase

Grey Cement Vase Size: 2.75"x 4.75" Price: $8

Silver Sand Vase

Silver Sand Size: 6"x 3.75" Price: $8

Grainy Brown Silver Vase

Grainy Brown Silver Size: 7.5"x 4.5" Price: $8

Silver Vases

Silver Sand Vase Grainy Brown Silver Vase Price: $8 ea.

Speckled Silver Jug Vase

Speckled Silver Jug Size: 10"x 7" Price: $8

Clear Silver bottomed Vase

Clear Silver Bottomed Size: 12"x 6.5" Price: $8

Silver Holy Vase

Silver Holy Size: 6.5" Price: $8 ea.

Mixed Milk Vases

Mixed Milk Size: 9" Price: $5 ea.

Smooth Margarita Vase

Smooth Margarita Size: 10.5"x 7" Price: $8

Rigged Margarita Vase

Rigged Margarita Size: 7"x 6" Price: $8

Large Folded Vase

Large Folded Size: 14.5"x 13" Price: $15

Clear Dotted Vase

Clear Dotted Size: 11"x 4.5" Price: $8

Clear Cylinder Vases 2XL-2XS

Cylinders 2XL-2XS Sizes: 6"-19" Price: $15 - Set of 3 Cyls. $25 - Set of 5 Cyls.

Jumbo Clear Cylinder Vase

Jumbo Clear Cylinder Size: 24" Price: $15

Large Mason Jar Vase

Large Mason Jar Vase Size: 9"x 4" Price: $8

Mixed Clear Vases

Mixed Clear Vases Sizes: 1"- 9" Price: $5 ea.

Cube & Rectangular Clear Vase

Cube & Rectangle Size:Large cube (5.5"x5.5") Small cube (3"x3") Rectangle (6"x3.5") Price: $5-$8

Large Jug Clear

Large Jug Clear Size: 10"x 8" Price: $15

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