Copper Metallic Vase

Copper Metallic Size: 9"x5" Price: $5

Brown Mud Vase

Brown Mud Size: 9.5" Price: $3

Wine Bottle Vase

Wine Bottle Size: 12" Price: $3

Copper Succulent Vase

Copper Succulent Size: 4"x3" Price: $3

Copper Mixed Vases

Copper Mixed Size: 9.5" Price: $3

Fat Ribbed Vase

Fat Ribbed Size: 4"x3.5" Price: $3

Small Matte Gold Vase

Small Matte Gold Size: 3"x2.5" Price: $2

Small Speckled Glass Vase

Small Speckled Glass Size: 3.75"x3" Price: $2

Small Wavy Gold Vase

Small Wavy Gold Size: 4"x3.5" Price: $2

Mixed Small Gold Vases

Mixed Small Gold Size: 3.75"x3" Price: $3

Large Cream Mirror Vase

Large Cream Mirror Size: 14"x6.5" Price: $10

Large Mirror Vase

Large Mirror Size: 12.5"x6.5" Price: $10

Gold Speckled Mirror

Gold Speckled Mirror Size: 12"x6.5" Price: $10

Shattered Glass Gold Vase

Shattered Glass Size: 9"x5" Price: $5

Rigged Gold Round Vase

Rigged Gold Round Size: 6.5"x6" Price: $5

Studded Gold Round Vase

Studded Gold Round Size: 4"x5.5" Price: $3

Mixed Wide Gold Vases

Mixed Wide Gold Size: 9" Price: $5

Gold Ribbed Skinny Vase

Gold Ribbed Skinny Size: 8.5" Price: $3

Mixed Gold Vases

Mixed Gold Vases Size: 3.5"-7.5" Price: $3 each

Mixed Pitcher Vases

Mixed Pitcher Vases size: 9.5"x3.5" Price: $3 each

Half Gold Cement Block Vase

Half Gold Block Vase Size: 3"x3" Price: $3

Grey Cement Vase

Grey Cement Vase Size: 2.75"x4.75" Price: $5

Silver Sand Vase

Silver Sand Size: 6"x3.75" Price: $5

Grainy Brown Silver Vase

Grainy Brown Silver Size: 7.5"x4.5" Price: $5

Silver Vases

Silver Sand Vase Grainy Brown Silver Vase Price: $5

Speckled Silver Jug Vase

Speckled Silver Jug Size: 10"x7" Price: $5

Clear Silver bottomed Vase

Clear Silver Bottomed Size: 12"x6.5" Price: $5

Silver Holy Vase

Silver Holy Size: 6.5" Price: $5

Mixed Milk Vases

Mixed Milk Size: 9" Price: $3

Smooth Margarita Vase

Smooth Margarita Size: 10.5"x7" Price: $5

Rigged Margarita Vase

Rigged Margarita Size: 7"x6" Price: $5

Large Folded Vase

Large Folded Size: 14.5"x13" Price: $10

Clear Dotted Vase

Clear Dotted Size: 11"x4.5" Price: $5

Clear Cylinder Vases 2XL-2XS

Cylinders 2XL-2XS Sizes: 6"-19" Price: $1-$10

Jumbo Clear Cylinder Vase

Jumbo Clear Cylinder Size: 24" Price: $15

Large Mason Jar Vase

Large Mason Jar Vase Size: 9"x4" Price: $5

Mixed Clear Vases

Mixed Clear Vases Sizes: 1"-9" Price: $2-$3

Cube & Rectangular Clear Vase

Cube & Rectangle Size:Large cube (5.5"x5.5") Small cube (3"x3") Rectangle (6"x3.5") Price: $2-$5

Large Jug Clear

Large Jug Clear Size: 10"x8" Price: $5

How we use it:

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Pitcher Vase
Ribbed Vase-Silver
Mixed Gold Vase
Cylinder Vases
Small Gold Vase
Mixed Gold Vases
Mixed Milk Vases
Cylinder Vase
Cylinder Vase
Mixed Clear Vases
Large Mason Jar Vase
Large Jug Vase
Cylinder Vase