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Venue Decor:

Iron Window

Iron Window Size: 55"x23" Price: $30

Natural Wood Boxes

Natural Wood Box Size: 2.5"x12.5" Price: $5

Gold Wood Box

Gold Wood Box Size: 5"x11" Price: $5

Decorative Frames 1

Decorative Frames 1 Size: 34"/31"/24" Price: $12 set

Decorative Frames 2

Decorative Frames 2 Size: 32"/20"/14"/11" Price: $12 set

Decorative Frames 3

Decorative Frames 3 Size: 16.5"x13.25" Price: $10 set

Photobooth Frames

Photobooth Frames Sizes: 50"/32"/23" Price: $12 set

Mixed Teapots

Mixed Teapots Size: 1.5"-11" Price: $5

Mr&Mrs Marquee Letters

Mr&Mrs Marquee Letters Size:44"x39" Price: $25 each

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