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Bridal Luncheons: A Simple Formula for a Memorable Meal

Your daughter (or best friend, cousin, niece, college roommate, etc.) is getting married. So exciting! You obviously want to do something to honor the bride, so you volunteer to host her bridal luncheon or a wedding shower for her. Great! But where to start? The secret to a great event like this boils down to a pretty simple formula - find a great venue, pick the perfect table decor and have delicious food. That’s it! If you have those three things nailed down, then all the other details usually fall into place.

Now, if you’re like me, I tend to venture to places other than my home to host events like these. Not that anything is at all wrong with an at-home shower or luncheon, I just like to save myself the stress of cooking, cleaning and finding a temporary home-away-from-home for my very vocal dachshund. If you’re also like me, you want your event destination to be the perfect place. Bridal brunches, luncheons and afternoon dessert affairs are all about the atmosphere, and sometimes it’s a challenge to find the perfect spot to match your guest of honor’s style and personality. To make things just a bit easier for you, we’ve compiled a list of our favorite spots to host your gathering. Take a look and see which is your style!

If you’re heading in the vintage direction...

The Bleu Porch Kitchen & Market

Greer, SC

The Bleu Porch just opened this year, and we are totally smitten (as in we eat lunch there at least once a week...or twice...or maybe three times). On the outskirts of downtown Greer, the Bleu Porch is exactly what the name suggests, a sweet little white house with - you guessed it - a blue porch. As you pass through the front door, you’re welcomed by a deli counter with fresh cookies and cakes, revived wood floors and bookshelves lined with little knick knacks for sale, most of them created by local artists. Keep walking and each room of the house has tables with crisp linens and fresh flowers and sunlight spilling through the windows. The owner, Cindy Markovich, is usually busy milling through the restaurant, talking to guests and catching up on what’s new in their lives (how’s that for small town living at it’s finest?)

What I particularly love about The Bleu Porch’s design is that the separated rooms allow for an abundance of privacy without it feeling stuffy. It’s vintage decor and light, airy atmosphere make everyone feel comfortable, which is a great touch for a gathering. A variety of soups, salads, sandwiches and quiches are on the normal menu and can be handpicked for your shower. The Monte Cristo sandwich and the Porch Signature Salad (a mix of greens, fruits and honey roasted turkey) are personal favorites. It’s so nice to have a quaint little spot like the Bleu Porch in the Greer area!

If you need the extra space...

The Davenport

Greer, SC

The Davenport is one of the most popular places in Greer to host any type of gathering. It’s stately location on the corner of Trade and Randall streets features oversized windows on both sides, which allow guests to witness the goings on of the downtown area. The most breathtaking feature of the Davenport, though, is its staircase that leads up to a lofted area at the top of the building. Centered and at the end of the long event hall, the stairs are a perfect place to perch while giving toasts and also make a beautiful base for arrangements and decor. The Davenport is spacious, too, which is ideal for those gatherings with a hefty number of invitees. There is also a kitchenette available so your caterer can come in and have room to do his or her magic.

Photos courtesy of Allie Monday Photography

If you want a gorgeous backdrop...

Mary’s at Falls Cottage

Greenville, SC

If an outdoor theme is what you’re going for, then we suggest Mary’s at Falls Cottage. The circular-patterned brick patio area of Mary’s overlooks Greenville’s beautiful Falls Park, where you can enjoy the sights and sounds of the Reedy River and bustling outdoor activities in the background. Out-of-town guests will be impressed by the picturesque surroundings, and everyone is sure to enjoy menu favorites like quiche lorraine, hot chicken salad and eggs benedict. The historic house, which dates back to the late 19th century, has housed everything from a gas station to the Peace Center’s fundraising office, and has been home to Mary’s since 2004. Mary’s describes themselves on their website as “casually elegant” and that’s just what this charming cottage is - a perfect, quaint little spot to show your guests the best of our city and enjoy delightful contemporary southern cuisine.

There you have it, folks. Three of our top favorites places to host your next bridal luncheon. When you use our magic “trifecta” formula (remember: venue, decor, food), you’re sure to have people talking about your gathering for weeks to come! As always, we would love to help you fill those tables with beautiful floral arrangements to give every table that special touch. Feel free to give us a call at 864-520-2597 or email us at

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