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Stay Classy Greenville: How to be Timeless and Trendy

A girl should be two things: classy and fabulous -Coco Chanel

Here at Culpepper Designs, we like to let our brides know that the world is their oyster. We cater to each and every bride to find the right style for them, whether it be a new-aged boho theme or a Cinderella-worthy affair. We do get particularly excited, though, when a bride opts for a few timeless touches on her wedding day. There’s something about a classic wedding that just has that wow factor that we can’t explain.

And while full-on traditional is a great thing, we also love adding a few trendy touches into each classic wedding, too. Check out some of our favorite timeless looks and a few ways we like to incorporate modern details into them.

The Classic: Black tuxes

The Twist: Black tuxes for the groomsmen, white jacket for the groom

Black tuxes truly never go out of style. They’re part of a tried and true look that has stood the test of time. They're absolutely perfect! If you want to throw a little differentiation into the line-up, we suggest having your groom in a white tux jacket and the rest of the men in black. It’s still a classic look, but allows the groom to stand out among the others just a little more. And that’s the goal, right?

Photos: Snippet & Ink, Jose Villa Photography, Bulletproof Photography

The Classic: A bouquet of roses and hydrangeas

The Twist: Add some succulents or greenery

Roses have been a sign of romance since the Shakespearean times. They’re soft and elegant and create a clean, round look for bouquets. You truly can’t go wrong with roses. If you’re wanting to throw a little modern-day twist in there, try adding some succulents to the bouquet for a pop of natural color and texture. Or a particular favorite of a lot of brides right now is an abundance of greenery around the flowers. Both are perfect ways to modernize a classic bouquet.

Photos: Bulletproof Photography, Lauren Devine

The Classic: Audrey Hepburn-esque french twist

The Twist: Mess it up some!

If an updo is the look you’re going for with your bridal hair, might we suggest the forever classy Audrey Hepburn twist? This style is particularly perfect for women who plan to have a veil, as it holds the veil in place easily. It’s also a look that lends itself to every facial type. For something a little different, we love the idea of messing it up a little, too. A higher twist with hair falling around the face is gorgeous, or a messier twist itself is imperfectly beautiful.

Photography: Kelsey Farnham Photography, Bulletproof Photography

The Classic: Ballroom Reception with round tables

The Twist: Lounge areas or long family-style tables

We’ve seen ballrooms transformed into fairytale reception areas time and again, and we love this look. The traditional way to set up a ballroom is with round tables and a dance floor woven in somewhere in the room. Why not add a few lounge areas to the mix? Rent some couches, chairs and tables that go with your theme and set these areas up to encourage mingling among your guests and to make your reception feel more cozy and fun.

Photography: Lauren Miller Photography, Anna Duncan Photography, Alicia DiPerri No matter what look or theme or color or hairstyle you choose for your wedding, rest assured it will end up being the perfect day for you and your significant other. We would love to help you design your dream wedding anywhere in Greenville, Greer, Taylors, Charleston or beyond! Call us at Culpepper Designs today at 864-520-2597 or email us at

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