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First-Looks: YASS or PASS?

When it comes to weddings there are traditions that have stood the test of time. (i.e. – something, old, new, borrowed, blue) However, there is one tradition that has now evolved into its own sort of event. Yes, I am talking about the ever discussed “first-look.” Many brides and many mothers of brides have their own strong opinions on the idea of a first-look, either in support of or against it. Whether you say YASS or PASS to a first-look, this post is a peek inside the pros and cons and varying opinions to either side of the opinion.


Regardless of your opinion on this aspect, you can’t argue that first-looks aren’t beautiful and tear jerking.

While first-looks are absolutely breath taking, many couples have said that it gives them a moment with just one another to talk and enjoy being with together before all of the craziness of the rest of the day. It’s such a beautiful moment to be with one another to talk, pray and to calm one another’s nerves.

There are so many options with a first look. Many brides and grooms use this moment to exchange small gifts with one another and to get some of the pictures with the bridal party taken, so that they can move from ceremony to reception without too much time taking photos in-between (which also means more time for dancing)!!

First-looks give couples a moment to spend with just one another before one of the biggest moments of their lives. First-looks are filled with so much raw emotion that you can't re-create or experience otherwise. First-looks are a simple, emotional moment instead of walking down the aisle, seeing your groom at the end of the aisle and having to get straight into the formalities of the ceremony. It creates an intimate and personal moment between yourself and your spouse to be. Even talking about first-looks can get ya all teary-eyed.

And no, your marriage will not be cursed if you see one another before the ceremony.


Okay, so maybe doing a first-look isn’t your taste, that’s fine. Maybe you want to stick to tradition or don't want to ruin the perfect walking-down-the-aisle moment. Whatever your reasoning might be, by choosing not to have a first look that doesn’t mean that you cant have perfect pre-ceremony pictures with your husband-to-be.

Many brides choose to opt out of a full first-look in order to keep that special moment of the doors opening and having your groom see you for the first time as you’re walking down the aisle to get married! If you don’t want to go against tradition, there are still so many ways to share a special moment with your groom before the ceremony. Many couples still exchange gifts, words of prayer and notes to one another without seeing each other.

First-looks that aren't technically the couple looking at one another, really have the ability to pull on your heart strings. It's pretty magical to see photos of a couple sitting or standing close to one another without actually seeing each other. There's definitely a sense of magic and a sense of anticipation with a moment like this that can't be created with a full first-look.

Whether it’s with a door between them, being faced back to back, being around the corner from one another, there is something that is still so romantic about not seeing your future spouse before it’s time to walk down the aisle.


Maybe this post changed your mind, or maybe it solidified your decision on one side of the idea of a first-look. You can’t really go wrong with any of these options. Regardless of what you decide for your big day (whether it’s a few weeks, few months or even a few years down the road), the magic of seeing your groom waiting for you at the end of the aisle will still be there.

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