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Vintage Crates

Vintage Crates Size: 6.75"x14.25" Price: $10

Copper Basket

Copper Basket Size: 5"x11.5" Price: $12

Silver Heart Basket

Silver Heart Basket 4"x11" Price: $12

Black Woven Basket

Black Woven Basket Size: 8"x21" Price: $15

Tan Woven Basket

Tan Woven Basket Size: 8"x22" Price: $15

Mixed Brown Small Basket

Mixed Brown Basket Size: 14.5"x7.5" Price: $5

Silver Woven Basket

Silver Woven Basket Size: 24"x16" Price: $15

Twiggy Circle Basket

Twiggy Circle Basket Size: 22"x24" Price: $15

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