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Clear Candy Bowl

Clear Candy Bowl Size: 4"x8" Price: $10

Round Candy Bowl

Round Candy Bowl Size: 9"x11" Price: $15


Pitchers Size: 11"x9" Price: $10

Round Candy Dishes

Round Candy Dishes Size: 7.5"-5" Price: $10

Candy Dishes with Lid

Candy Dishes with Lid Size: 8"-12.5" Price: $10-$15

Large Curvy Candy Dish

Large Curvy Candy Size: 14"x8.5" Price: $15

Glass Bowl in Metal Holder

Glass Bowl in Holder Size: 7.5"x10.5" Price: $10

Drink Dispenser

Drink Dispenser Size: 13.5"x9" Price: $15

Clear Stand 1

Clear Stand 1 Price: $12

Clear Stand 2

Clear Stand 2 Price: $12

Clear Stand 3

Clear Stand 3 Price: $12

Clear Stand 4

Clear Stand 4 Price: $12

Clear Stand 5


Clear Stand 6

Clear Stand 6 Price: $12

Clear Stand 7

Clear Stand 7 Price: $12

Clear Stand 8

Clear Stand 8 Price: $12

Clear Stand 9

Clear Stand 9 Price: $12

Clear Stand 10

Clear Stand 10 Price: $12

Silver Stand

Silver Stand Price: $12

Bronze and Clear Cake Stand

Bronze and Clear Stand Price: $12

Yellow Glass Cake Stand

Yellow Glass Stand Price: $12

Bronze Top Stand

Bronze Top Stand Price: $12

Silver Cake Stand

Silver Cake Stand Price: $20

Gold Chargers

Gold Chargers Size: 12.75" Price: $1.25

Bronze Bottomed Cake Stand

Bronze Bottomed Stand Price: $12

Black Cake Stand

Black Cake Stand Price: $212

Long Rigged Gold Tray

Long Rigged Gold Size: 18.5"x10" Price: $15

Small Gunmetal Tray

Small Gunmetal Tray Size: 8.5"x4" Price: $8

Large Round Waves Tray

Large Round Waves Size: 17.5" Price: $10

Large Silver Flower Tray

Large Silver Flower Size: 18.5"x13.5" Price: $15

Plastic Large Serving Tray 1

Plastic Large Size: 16"x13" Price: $10

Plastic Large Serving Tray 2

Plastic Large Size: 17.5"x14.5" Price: $10

Large Serving Tray 3

Large Serving Tray Size: 17.5"x13.5" Price: $15

Large Serving Tray 4

Large Serving Size: 17"x12.5" Price: $15

Large Serving Tray 5

Large Serving Size: 29"x16" Price: $15

Metal Round Serving Tray

Metal Round Size: 9.5" Price: $10

Metal Rectangular Serving Tray

Metal Rectangular Size: 11"x7.5" Price: $8

Small Metal Oval Serving Tray

Small Metal Oval Size: 12"x8.5" Price: $8

5 Tiered Silver Cake Stand

5 Tiered Silver Cake Stand Price: $50

Dessert Serving Utensils


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